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Unparalleled Speed AI precision

Targeted Drug Discovery for Neural Diseases

Precision Drug Target Identification

Our platform employs advanced algorithms to precisely identify potential drug candidates that interact with specific disease targets at the molecular level, reducing the risk of developing ineffective drugs

Rapid Data Analysis

Sentech AI platform for drug discovery represents a transformative leap forward in the field of pharmaceutical research. Its unparalleled speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness make it a game-changer in the quest to develop innovative medications and improve global healthcare. With the potential to revolutionize drug discovery, our platform offers hope for a healthier future for al

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Patent Portfolio

Our company holds 12 patents related to AI algorithms and neural disease drug candidates, protecting our innovative solutions.


AI-driven discoveries have the potential to transform the lives of millions affected by neural diseases, bringing hope and effective treatments.


We have identified 6 novel biomarkers associated with neural diseases, shedding new light on disease mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets.

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